Mannan Associates is an international studio for architecture, planning and design led by Abdul Mannan and a group of Senior Partners. Abdul Mannan philosophy of integration can be seen in the way the practice’s Lahore studio works, it is essentially one large open space, shared equally by everyone, and free of subdivisions to encourage good communication between the many people who come together there.

The practice’s work ranges in scale from the largest construction project, The design of buildings, interior and product design, interior and product design and project management. These can be found throughout the Pakistan from Karachi to Peshawar.

The central concern of the practice is design excellence, achieved through active collaboration with clients and specialists - from structural and environmental engineers to cost consultants. Management of cost and time is an important discipline and many of projects have resulted from demanding commercial circumstances. A wide range of supporting skills underpins the work of the practice, including model making, CAD drawing and visualization, and in-house audio-visual, photographic and printing systems.

Established as Mannan Associates in 1985 the practice has offices with its studio in Lahore.


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